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Anxiety & Panic - Two Steps to Take Before the Healing Process Begins (Booksg.com)

Anxiety & Panic - Two Steps to Take Before the Healing Process Begins

Anxiety sufferers are usually at a loose end after trying methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Hypnosis, Sessions with psychologists, Meditation, Herbal Alternatives and probably the most popular of them all is Medications such as anti-depressants and Benzodiazepines.
Now I was no different from any other sufferer, I was pulling my hair out in the hopes of one of these alternatives would kick in and free me of this dreadful nightmare that I lived, day in and day out for years. Unable to leave my house in fear something dreadful was going to happen to me.
But after plenty of research, I did eventually eliminate my anxiety and panic disorder. And it certainly wasn’t from taking medications, or hypnosis or CBT, or any of the world's most practiced techniques (which have always given a rather poor response in curing anxiety and panic attacks).

Two Steps to Begin the Healing Process
Step One...
Accepting that what you have is Anxiety and Panic Disorder. And yes, I know this can be an extremely hard thing to accept. You’re sure that it always must be something else, your heart is racing (you think that you must be having a heart attack). You’re finding it difficult to swallow (so now your thoughts sway to you must have throat cancer). You find it difficult to breathe (and at that moment you’re sure your going to pass out or die, or maybe you think you have lung cancer or emphysema). Yes, I know how these thoughts can take control of your mind.
But in order to become well again, you must accept all these feelings are, are anxiety, and panic attacks.
Step Two…
I struggled with this issue a lot. And I certainly understand when you have lost all faith. After all, you’ve tried all these other techniques with little to no success. So you begin to wonder why “this time” would be any different from all the other methods you have tried to your wit's end.
But the moment you give up all hope and lose trust in any other possible natural method then this will be when you prevent you’re healing and eliminating Anxiety & Panic Disorder.
Anxiety and Panic Attacks can be eliminated naturally and for good! I’m living proof of that.
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