UK budget 2019 date - Gender budgeting practical implementation


UK budget 2019 date - Gender budgeting practical implementation

budget car hire usaProgress on gender mainstreaming Assessments of gender mainstreaming point to a number l imitations and challenges. (See Observations on gender mainstreaming below.) There is some concern among those who advocate for gender budgeting, therefore, about linking gender budgeting with gender mainstreaming. The former, with its focus on the budget – on the money – brings gender issues into a new realm of government policy making. As Holvoet writes, gender budgeting “liberates gender from the ‘soft’ social issues arena and raises it to the level of macroeconomics”. (Holvoet, 2006) In the case of gender mainstreaming, the initial enthusiastic political commitment which saw it adopted almost universally well over a decade ago has not been sustained. However, there also remains some hope that a focus on the budgets can re-invigorate gender mainstreaming. Indeed, this handbook positions gender budgeting within the framework of gender mainstreaming and on the premise that gender mainstreaming cannot be achieved without the focus on budget breakdownGender budgeting – an ambitious project The concept of gender budgeting caused considerable p uzzlement when it was emerging as a potentially productive strategy in Europe some ten years ago. How could gender equality and national budgets be spoken of in the same breath? These were spheres of policy which belonged in different worlds. Gender equality issues belonged in the social policy portfolio, while budgetingmaking was largely the preserve of the more prestigious department of finance. Notwithstanding major global milestones, commitments to advance gender equality have not attained priority status. On the other hand, eco-Content of handbook The core of this handbook is How to do gender budgeting, page 10. The section begins with laying out the pre-conditions fundamental to the implementation of gender budgeting. Taken together, they describe the environment necessary to progressing gender budgeting beyond an analytic exercise toward effecting policy action. This section then goes on to discuss a three-stage process in the mainstreaming of gender budgeting: beginning with analysis, moving onto restructuring budgets to achieve gender e quality outcomes, to working systematically to embed gender within all b udgetary processes. The “How-to” section also deals with the specific tools, methodologies, approaches. In reviewing the recent practice across Europe, it was observed that there are many similarities in terms of approach and tools that have been modified to local circumstances and starting points. This handbook seeks to present a synthesis of these, as well as a number of discrete models and frameworks. Taken together, these cover all three stages; so uk budget 2019 dategovernment budget ukHow to do gender budgeting Introduction The brief for this publication was to draft a simple, practical guide for the implementation of gender budgeting. It must be said at the outset that gender budgeting is no simple matter, nor is there one universally applicable tool. Preparation for this publication has revealed that similar approaches are being used in a number of initiatives, particularly in the area of analysis. What emerges from the literature is that what is most needed is the preparedness to develop a methodology, based on a commitment to promote gender equality, rather than seeking for the elusive one-fits-all budget pie chart


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