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BUSINESS - business definitions

This is not a cold and calculated manual prescribing exactly what you need to do each step of the way in order to make your business – MePLC – the great success it has the potential to be. It will not provide you with the A-Z of effective goal-setting strategies, teach you all you need to know about managing your assets, or reveal the secret of 50 practical ways to maximise your income in a week! This kinds of business is a book of key principles, not a “how to” guide.

It recognises that each individual leader of MePLC has their own unique set of characteristics, skills, interests and, most important of all, objectives in life. This book is designed to help you use those unique attributes to build an framework of purpose and clarity that will help point you in the right direction and protect you from deviations to the back and sides.

If you can get yourself in that position, then any movement will business plural inevitably take you closer to your objectives. Almost every book on self-improvement quite rightly emphasises the value of setting achievable goals as the key to achieving your objectives in life. Goals are vitally important because, to use a football analogy, if you don’t have any goals, then how can you score? But being able to identify and see the goal is one thing – working out how you can move the ball around the field and through the “opposition team” so you can score is what really matters. Rather business google than concentrating on the setting of goals, which I believe is the relatively easy part, MePLC is about creating the Me-FOCUS you’ll need to break down and cut through any external opposition you face in trying to achieving your goals.

My Inspiration As well as being based on reflections business' or business's from my personal experiences in life, the central ideas in this book stem from many other roots. These include my observations about the personal leadership qualities of friends and members of my family, a wide variety of politicians and leaders of organisations I have worked with, my academic studies of great political, sports and business leaders, and the work of a whole range of philosophers, psychologists and those who I describe as “selfimprovement gurus,” whose ideas have had a profound influence on my way of thinking about life and success.

Perhaps the most significant of these is Brian Tracy who, list of businesses in his work Million Dollar Habits, explains his ideas for running what he calls “your own personal services corporation” in which you are the president and sole employee with only one product to sell in the marketplace – YOU. Based on my business man experience as an employee, a small-scale entrepreneur, a community leader, a sports coach, a husband, and a father of three, much of what he had to say really struck a chord with me. In particular, it helped me to finally make sense business synonym of two things that I’ve always instinctively believed were self-evident truths about our existence in this world. The first is that we are all in the MePLC business, whether we know it or not. And the second is that the experiencing of positive emotions is the most valuable commodity known to man, and that’s how I want to get paid for whatever work I do. This, above all else, is what has inspired me to write this book.

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