Leave cakes baked in tins for approx - Low Salt Cook Book


Leave cakes baked in tins for approx - Low Salt Cook Book

Leave cakes baked in tins for approx - Low Salt Cook BookBaking

Truly scrumptious

Home-made cakes and biscuits are as much a part of a sociable coffee morning or cosy afternoon tea as a beautifully laid table and sparkling conversation. If you want to spoil your guests with delicious home baking, your only problem will be to choose from among the wealth of different pastries, fillings and toppings. Should it be something fruity? Or creamy? Free Cookbooks Download Or crisp? Preferably a little bit of everything. And because sweet things are food for the soul, everyone will want another slice.

Tips on preparation and

general information

When baking cakes, insert a skewer into the centre of the cake after the shorter cooking duration has elapsed to check whether the cake is baked. If the skewer comes out clean, Free Cookbooks Pdf the cake is ready, but if crumbs or moist cake residues cling to the skewer, carry on baking it until it is done.

Leave cakes baked in tins for approx.

10 minutes before turning out.

Run around the edge with a knife and

tap the tin gently. If the cake is still

sticking, place a damp cloth over the

tin. The resulting steam will cause the

cake to dislodge from the tin.

If the cake mixture rises too much and

then collapses at the end of the

cooking duration, it was probably

beaten for too long or too much liquid

was added to it.

Cake mixture ingredients, particularly

eggs and fats, should be kept at an

even temperature of approx. 20°C.

Chilled butter is best for pastry,

achieving a smooth dough.

Sponge cake mixture should be baked

immediately. For gateau bake a day in

advance. Low Salt Cook Book It is then easier to divide the

layers. Swiss roll should be turned out

immediately onto a damp tea towel, or

a tea towel sprinkled with sugar, then

rolled up with the help of the cloth.

If you are baking in combination mode

with MW + Fan plus, microwave power

will not switch on until the heating-up

phase has finished. Select a microwave

power level of 80 W or a maximum of

150 W.

A variety of different baking containers

can be used in combination mode.

Containers made of heat resistant

glass, ceramic, plastic, soft plastic and

metal are suitable. Metal containers can

occasionally cause sparking. In this

case, place the container in a different

position on the rack or on the glass

tray. If sparking continues, FREE COOK BOOKS or if

crackling noises can be heard, the

container is unsuitable.

Broccoli and mushroom bake

Preparation time: 75–85 minutes

Serves 3


300 g broccoli (fresh or frozen)

300 g mushrooms (fresh or frozen)

400 g potaotes (peeled weight, finely


125 g crème fraîche

100 g double cream

1 tbsp cornflour

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

150 g grated Cheddar cheese


Ovenproof dish


If using fresh broccoli, wash and chop

into florets; if using frozen broccoli, do

not defrost. COOK BOOKS Place in an ovenproof dish.

If using fresh mushrooms, clean and

slice them; if using frozen sliced

mushrooms, do not defrost. Place in

the ovenproof dish and add the


Mix the crème fraîche with the cream,

cornflour, salt, pepper and 1/3 of the


Add to the potato and vegetables and

mix them together. Sprinkle with the

rest of the cheese and bake uncovered

until golden.

Recommended settings

Oven function: Fan plus

Temperature: 170–190 °C

Shelf level: 1

Duration: 55–65 minutes

Alternative settings

Oven function: MW + Fan plus

Power level/temperature: 300 W +

180 °C

Shelf level: 1

Duration: 40–50 minutes

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