Low Sodium Diet - Low Salt Recipes

Low Sodium Diet - Low Salt Recipes

Low Sodium Diet - Low Salt Recipes

Low Sodium Diet Low Salt Recipes 1There are rules that govern the meaning of certain words and phrases.
Front food label. The table below is a list of food companies.
Forget the saying, low salt recipes but remember that the food you are actually eating may not be.
This is exactly the same serving as stated on the nutrition label.
Sodium free, less than 5 mg of sodium per serving
Very low sodium 35 mg or less sodium per serving
Sodium less than 140 mg per serving
25% less sodium than sodium per serving
original product
No salt or no salt.
without adding without adding
low salt recipes
May contain sodium as a normal part of food,
However, no additional sodium or salt is added during this time.
deal with

Bread and rolls for dinner,
English muffins, bagels
(Limited to 2-3 times a day)
Simple pasta, noodles, plain
white or low salt recipes sweet potato
without salt
dried beans, peas e
Cook with the lentils (onions).
garlic flavor)
like unsalted hot cereals
Oatmeal and wheat

Salt-free or low in sodium
Snack (read label,
some low-salt chips)
Ready to eat low in sodium.
grains such as glutinous rice,
plexiglass cone, c.
torn grain
cookies and biscuits
Pancakes, cakes, etc.
Corn bread mix
rice and pasta
Mix it like ramen.
Rooney Noodle, Rice a Looney,
Macaroni and cheese
Experience with the coating mixture
slices of bread,
Shake and choose low salt recipes
Salty snacks like potatoes
Chips, Nachos, Peanuts
Butter biscuits, savory biscuits,
pig skin)
instant mashed potatoes
especially cream cheese
sour cream
ice cream and frozen
whipped Cream

Low Salt Cheese:
Swiss mozzarella grated
Fermi Sole
Note: This doesn't mean you're low on fat.
Low sodium content!
Melted cheese:
american nachos cheese,
Cheesewiz®, Easy Cheese®
blue cheese
allspice cheese
the cheese
Kiso outdoors
feta cheese
Read the label. low salt recipes Cheese is versatile.
in sodium content.
All fruit and fruit juices; There is no need to limit anyone!
(No canned fruit
Contains sodium.)
unsalted butter
olive oil or vegetable oil
Put the margarine low salt recipes in the sink or squeeze it out.
low salt content or home use
salad dressing
bacon and bacon
salted pork
thick back
general commercial salad
spices and
fresh or dried aromatic herbs e
vinegar, lemon juice e
Fruit juice for pickles
Onion and garlic (fresh,
chopped or dried into pieces
pepper, celery seeds e
dried vegetable chips
Mustard, a little salt
Mix of spices and herbs
Salt-free (Ms.
salt, sea salt, light salt,
cube of balloons
salt containing potassium
Alternative (Nu-Salt®, No
spicy salt (garlic salt,
onion salt, celery salt)
mix spices low salt recipes and herbs
Additional salt, including aged salt
®Low Sodium Diet Low Salt Recipes 2
commercially produced
Sauce (teriyaki, soy)
lots of ketchup
or barbecue sauce

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